Seeking Genuine Love Amidst Deception

Seeking Genuine Love Amidst Deception

In a world that spins with painted smiles,

Where masks disguise what hides inside,

I wander through valleys, searching alone,

For love that's true, yet seems to hide.

Oh, the poetry of my heart yearns for a glimpse,

Of a love that's genuine, a soul entwined,

But the path I tread is strewn with deceit,

Leaving me tangled, lost and blind.

I've danced with echoes of false affection,

Whispered promises that turned to dust,

Embraced illusions that shone so bright,

Yet crumbled like castles in the gust.

In the pages of my once hopeful story,

I've tasted fragments of passion's bitter fall,

Where the sweetest melodies turned to silence,

Leaving scars on my heart, echoes of its call.

Through the night, I examine each star,

For a constellated love to guide my way,

Yet they flicker with uncertainty,

Like the hearts that deceive, then fade away.

But still, a flicker of hope resides within,

A seed of faith in love's eternal bloom,

For amidst the fray, I catch a glimpse,

Of a love that transcends life's gloom.

I'll persevere, traversing the rugged path,

Scaling mountains of doubt and despair,

For I know the journey is worth fighting,

To find the love that's genuine and rare.

Though love may be elusive, I won't surrender,

To the illusion of a love that's less than true,

I'll keep seeking, learning, growing stronger,

Until I'm enfolded in love's authentic hue.

And if one day, gentle love finds me,

In its embrace, I'll finally believe,

That struggle was but a sacred passage,

To a genuine love that will never leave.