Distance Between Hearts

Distance Between Hearts

In the vast expanse of distance, we reside, Separated by miles, our love tested, our hearts tried. Through phone calls and messages, we seek connection, But the longing in my soul demands your affection.

Oh, my love, let me speak to your wandering heart, In this chasm of distance, where doubts can tear us apart. I beg you, listen to the whispers of my plea, For in these words, my love for you, you'll see.

As days turn to nights and the hours stretch long, I yearn for your touch, to feel where I belong. But distance can breed shadows, temptation's snare, And I fear the echoes of infidelity in the air.

Promise me, my love, you'll stay steadfast and true, That temptation's allure won't pull you away from what we grew. Though the nights may be lonely, the days filled with ache, Hold onto our love, let it be the anchor that keeps you awake.

In this world of fleeting moments and transient desires, Let our love burn bright, igniting the eternal fires. For it is not the physical proximity that defines our bond, But the loyalty and trust, a love that's beyond.

I know the distance weighs heavy on your soul, But let not the distance take its toll. Remember the moments we shared, the dreams we wove, The love that's worth fighting for, the love that Iove.

So, my love, I beseech you, hear my plea, Stay faithful and true, keep our love as the key. Let our connection defy the miles that separate, And together, we'll conquer the challenges, the longing, the weight.

For in the face of adversity, our love will grow strong, In this long distance dance, we'll prove them wrong. Hold onto the memories, the promises we made, And let them guide us through this tempest's serenade.

In the realm of distance, love knows no bounds, It traverses oceans, it leaps over mounds. So, my love, stay faithful, let our hearts align, And together, we'll weather this distance, hand in hand, entwined.